Customers have tried a variety of different methods of explaining to us what they want in a pallet. The problem has been "what they say and what they mean are sometimes two different things."

To clarify the issues and to better understand your needs we have compiled a set of drawings (accessible using the links below) that we can use to help determine the type of pallet and materials that best suit your application. You can print a copy, then mark the drawing as required, and fax us for a quotation.

Also available is our Spec-A-Pallet form. This form allows you give us specific details about your pallet needs. If you have specific requirements, click here to download a copy of the Spec-A-Pallet form, then to fax to any of our offices for a prompt response.

Drawings are also available in a CAD format (.dwg). Please , and we will be happy to forward you the file you require. We can also customize a drawing to meet your exact specifications.

Paltech also uses PDS© (Pallet Design Software) developed by the NWPCA and Virginia Tech to takes the guesswork out of pallet performance. The program uses a detailed description of the actual unit load and materials handling conditions, allowing PDS© to accurately predict the pallet’s safe load capacity and service life. PDS© assists in designing the best pallet for your specific needs without expensive and wasteful over-engineering or dangerous under-engineering.


GMA 4 Way
PEI – GMA 4 Way

HD 2 Way
PEI – GMA 4 Way

PEI – 2 Way

Wing Sgl
PEI – Wing Sgl

Wing Dbl
PEI – Wing Dbl

Solid Deck
PEI – Solid Deck

Limited Use
PEI – Limited Use

PEI – Reversible


Block pallet
PEI – Block

Block pallet
PEI – Perimeter Block